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Entertainment · 9 Jun 2021 03:24 WITA ·

Sitting Through a Movie in Comfort

 Sitting Through a Movie in Comfort Perbesar

Americans love the movies. Whether it’s watching Tom Cruise hang from a building or a new rom-com, movies are a nice diversion from the daily grind (if only for a couple of hours), a place to stay cool on hot summer days, and usually provide pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

To make the experience even more pleasant, theaters are now boasting reserved seating, fancier fare than your standard tub of popcorn and soda, and best of all, beer, wine and cocktails—all for a high-end price.

The rise of “dine-in” theaters aims to put the traditional dinner-and-a-movie all in the same place, instead of rushing from one venue to another.

“It’s a way for theater owners to capture that revenue and keep it there instead of seeing it go down the mall,” Patrick Corcoran, vice president and chief communications officer for the National Association of Theatre Owners, told USA Today in an interview.

However, even with all the bells and whistles that are part and parcel of many movie theaters, there are still things you may want to bring to ensure your experience is that much more pleasurable while you watch your favorite flick.

• Dress in layers. Movie theaters tend to get cold (which is why they’re a great place to go in the summer), so bringing a long-sleeve shirt, or light sweater or jacket, is never a bad idea. You can also forgo it if the theater temperature suits you.

• Silence your phone. Out of respect to those around you, set your phone to vibrate, or better yet, turn it off completely. This way, you won’t be tempted to see if anyone has texted or called you.

• Keep mum. While you may have your thoughts on any given movie or scene, or want to opine with your date about whodunit, keep the chit-chat to a minimum. Even over the superior sound systems used in movie theaters today, voices still carry.

• Consider portable accessories. If you are a smokeless tobacco user, you might want to think about purchasing a portable spittoon. Look at it this way: taking a bottle or cup to a luxury theater is not a viable option (especially if it’s a first date). But a portable spittoon, such as those created by FLASR (OTCQB:FLSR), is discreet and according to Everett Dickson, CEO of FLASR, “allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco in public unobtrusively, without unwanted attention.” To this end, the company’s new 4-ounce pocket spittoon lets users open and shut it with just one hand. And FLASR’s original tobacco flask, has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays closed when not in use, eliminating the possibility of spills and leaks.

For more information, visit Market listing: FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR).

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